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two delay pedals [08 Jun 2009|03:09am]
for being a person captured by the hidden nature of words, i sure do not like to talk.

i'm getting better at my job. it is definitely a change to go to a job every day. it is a strange ability to be able to drink any day. it is a pleasant change to play music with someone in a way unlike all of my other musical relationships. in a way i realized tonight while walking to the bar from sam's, as much as i'd like to believe it, things have not really changed. at most, i could say i changed schools. i am still living this silly college kind of life. it's not ungood, but this is not meant to be for a lifetime.

i have not really met my goals for the arbitrary deadline of my birthday. it's important to keep working towards them, and my life revolves around their completion and modification, but i've got to find the magical realism in personal success in a way i have not achieved yet.

words / no words
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the bobby whitehouse [05 May 2009|02:52pm]
so tours are getting better: instead of 2 shows in 5 days, there were 5 shows in 15. despite surprising wellsprings of getting my hate on, i am refreshed to have gone. places in a heart are not touched but by special feelings, many of which revolve around unique circumstances, some of which i have recently experienced.

tomorrow i start as an x-ray technologist. full report will be given in time.
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unimportant pama [04 Mar 2009|05:25am]
[ mood | dage lonstrafe ]

this year, i drop the imaginary love, and all of the weak post-reality miserable hope scenarios. seeing myself while drunk driving home, i feel terrible, as i continually pour myself out on blossoms already proven in the fount and shade of others. i know what it looks like, and i think what it feels like, just... where can i find it? what do i do with it? how can i handle it, or me?


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